Kitsune Cutlery

6.5 Inch Japanese VG-10 Damascus Nakiri Cleaver

$114.99 $280.00

6.5 inch Nakiri Cleaver. The ideal, all-purpose knife. Forged in the traditional Japanese style with a symmetrical flat edge, donned with a black carbon and hammered pattern finish which reduces friction between food and the blade - the blade's beauty is only matched by its storied forging process. Crafted with 67 layers of authentic Japanese Steel with a stunningly beautiful Damascus pattern. The handle is in our signature octagonal style comprised of rose and black wood.

Each knife comes with a magnetic giftbox wrapped in one of four Furoshiki designs.

  • 6.5 inch Nakiri Cleaver
  • 67 Layers of VG-10 Clad Steel Core
  •  Carbon Steel Accent & Unique Wavy Damascus Pattern
  • Rose and black wood octagonal handle
  • Traditionally wrapped in one of four Furoshiki designs