Kitsune Cutlery

8 Inch VG-10 Damascus Kitsune Chef Knife

$119.99 $250.00

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are officially sold out of our 8 inch Kitsune Chef Knife! However, we are still open for pre-orders. Pre-orders will ship within 2-4 weeks from your order date. Thank you for being so patient! We will get your order to you as soon as possible.

Our flagship product. Painstakingly crafted with 67 layers of authentic Japanese VG-10 Damascus steel and finished with a beautifully hammered pattern to reduce friction from food on the blade, the craftsmanship of our knife is unmatched. The handle is in the traditional octagonal style and is comprised of black and rose wood.

Each knife comes with a beautiful gift box and wrapped in one of three Furoshiki designs.